Code Information

Diagnosis Code: 618.84

Short Description: Cervical stump prolapse

Long Description: Cervical stump prolapse

Code Classification:

  • Diseases of the genitourinary system (580–629)
    • Other disorders of female genital tract (617-629)
      • 618 Genital prolapse
        • 618.84 Cervical stump prolapse

Code Version: 2015 ICD-9-CM

References to Index of Diseases and Injuries

The code 618.84 has the following ICD-9-CM references to the Index of Diseases and Injuries
  • Prolapse, prolapsed
    • cervix, cervical (hypertrophied) 618.1
      • stump 618.84

Crosswalk Information

The code 618.84 converts into the following ICD-10 code(s):
ICD-9 Code ICD-10 Code ICD-10 Description
618.84 Right Arrow N81.2 Incomplete uterovaginal prolapse
N81.85 Cervical stump prolapse
This ICD-9 to ICD-10 data is based on the 2018 General Equivalency Mapping (GEM) files published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for informational purposes only. The data is not an ICD-10 conversion tool and doesn’t guarantee clinical accuracy.

Similar Codes

ICD-9 Code ICD-9 Description
618.00 Unspecified prolapse of vaginal walls
618.01 Cystocele, midline
618.02 Cystocele, lateral
618.03 Urethrocele
618.04 Rectocele
618.05 Perineocele
618.09 Other prolapse of vaginal walls without mention of uterine prolapse
618.1 Uterine prolapse without mention of vaginal wall prolapse
618.2 Uterovaginal prolapse, incomplete
618.3 Uterovaginal prolapse, complete
618.4 Uterovaginal prolapse, unspecified
618.5 Prolapse of vaginal vault after hysterectomy
618.6 Vaginal enterocele, congenital or acquired
618.7 Old laceration of muscles of pelvic floor
618.81 Incompetence or weakening of pubocervical tissue
618.82 Incompetence or weakening of rectovaginal tissue
618.83 Pelvic muscle wasting
618.89 Other specified genital prolapse
618.9 Unspecified genital prolapse

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